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Trapped Escape Room Game Flight 927
Trapped Escape Room Game Flight 927

Trapped Escape Room Game Flight 927

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Flight 927: Send the distress signal! Family friendly escape room games. Turn any room into an escape room with these fantistic game packs. Each game is loads of fun as you move around the room activily solving puzzles and decoding clues. Every pack is different and contains everything you need to create your very own escape room experience. Packed with loads of content including clues to solve and puzzles to crack, all you need to add is family or friends to play and the cunning to escape/live the dream!. Finally! The holiday you’ve been waiting for has arrived... Excited, you board the plane, looking forward to a week of relaxation. Not long into the flight, though, the plane starts to shudder. Suddenly, you're losing altitude! Your stomach lunges as the plane plunges. Over the tannoy the pilot shouts, “Brace for impact!” Panicked, you adopt the brace position – and then... Darkness! As you regain consciousness, you open your eyes and realise the plane is down! Now it’s up to you to call for rescue. Can you get into the cockpit, send out a distress signal – and save the day? Contents: Complete with How to Play booklet, code reader, posters, clues, solutions, props

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